Selling Panel Genset ATS AMF

Sariling also sell AMF Panel Genset, Genset ATS Panel, Panel AMF / ATS Genset. We have an experienced team of more than 15 years in producing panels according to your needs.
We can produce various kinds of panels for generators with a capacity of 8 kVA to 3300 kVA. Our panels are known for the production of quality, durability and ease of operation of its neatness wiring. If you need a panel, please contact our sales department.
Here are some common panel that we provide.


AMF Panel Genset

Genset AMF panel serves as the panel to automatically turn on the generator when the main power (PLN) dead. And automatically turns off the genset (after a cooling down period) when the main power (PLN) to life. AMF panel also has other functions, which can be set to turn off and turn on the generator at a specific time, it is useful to heat the generator automatically (eg every 6 am every day of her for 15 minutes). AMF panels of different specifications required her to Genset that uses a DC control module, the genset is still using the traditional ignition key. AMF panel, depending on the machine used and some are driven by a voltage of 12V or 24V.

We provide AMF panels with a capacity of 8 s / d 3,300 kVA. In accordance with Genset owned by the customer.

Panel ATS Genset

Genset ATS panel functioning as a panel that automatically divert resources from the burden of using the PLN to use the generator when PLN dead. And when PLN alive again, the resources will be diverted from Genset burden back to PLN. ATS panel takes her to different specifications which are more modern Genset (using control module DC), with the genset is still using the ignition key. Also, it can be driven with a voltage of 12V or 24V, depending on the type of machine used.
We provide ATS panels with a capacity of 8 s / d 3,300 kVA, in accordance with a generator owned by the customer.

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