Operation Genset Method

June 23 2015

In operates a tool of course must operate in accordance with the procedure to be safe and went smoothly. Even so, the power generator, before operate it we must pay attention soup generator or how to operate power generator.

Following this soup generator or how to operate power generator:

  • Before gives power generator
    • Check water radiator. If the water radiator was felt less, immediately add.
    • Check oil machine. If it feels less, immediately add.
    • Check fuel (tap position for the daily tank must ON or is still open
    • Check water BATTERY. If it feels less, immediately add.Check cable R-S-T-N have been installed with really
    • Put your cable BATTERY correctly and strong. The red is positive ( ), while black color (-)
    • Open box panel, then put all MCB
  • Time to give life to
    • raise machine without any burden (warming up) for about 10 minutes
    • Check Oil meters, battery Charge, Water temperature, Volt meters AC, Frequency meters and Hour
    • Counter meters), are in good condition has been in his hand alive when machine.
  • How to Kill Diesel generator 1
    • sent down breaker or turn off a first. Then what are you waiting for about 5 minutes to cooling machine (cooled down), after that, turn off machine.
    • If not turn away from based on, AVR generator to the engine will be quickly damaged.
  • Maintenance
    • Instead filter diesel fuel in the first 50 hours, then you change every 200 hours operations or about 6 months.
    • Replace filter oil and oil machine in the first 50 hours, then you change every 200 hours operations or about 6 months.
    • Every 200 hours to combat operations/filter air Every 400 hours operations or once a year to combat or section (bookbinding) diesel fuel tank.
    • For self-purification, use water contains substance lime, salt, and its water level is low.
  • On Anticipated trouble when machines will not be able to live
    • Check the channel on fuel, what does not stopped flowing and it has been well. Usually the channel on fuel would be clogged by dirt.
    • Fuel pump is really flowing everywhere to waste angina or false
    • Check BATTERY or battery, whether by strong enough to work. If not, distroom/discharge first
    • Remember! Don’t be too long to start engine. To prevent dynamo were burned down, what are you waiting for around 2 meit to start engine.
  • It is advisable to do such a thing here
    • To keep power generator continue to operate smoothly, it is recommended to use water separator or a filter to filter fuel.
    • Elaborate oil machine that similar or floating meditrans machine’s – 40
    • always check burden ampere R – S -T that is still in proportion
    • To keep power generator not quickly damaged, wearing a minimum is 40% of kapsitas power generator.

It is soup generator or how to operate power generator that You need to consider when operate power generator so that it will not quickly damaged.



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