Know Various types power generator

June 26 2015

Power generator (generator Set) is a machine to generate electricity in a way to change mechanical energy to power. Along the time goes by, there are various circulating in power generator type market. Power generator in cooperation with changing mechanical energy to power. That is why this machine many used in a factory, government agencies, as well as residents’ houses.

Although various types generator have the same aim value, that is lisrik, but each type has a difference of each function and each. The following information about various types or type of power generator.

Machine gas

As the name implies, the engine power generator that one is using gas fuel as. Gas is processed gas from the bounty of the earth, such as LPG and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). This time LPG easily found everywhere, that is why type generator that one is widely used at the resident houses. While power generator that using CNG fuel as many used in companies to industry interests. To get CNG, usually companies will build an infrastructure that can be distributed through gas pipelines for gas. Costs to build infrastructure is not cheap, but will be beneficial in long-term use.

Diesel engine

diesel engine that is machine power plant commonly used by most of the people. Because of the many users, the engine is easy to find everywhere. Diesel engine that is applied to the engine power generator had electricity power that were broad and diverse. Output produced from 5 KW (5000) even up to Watt 2MW (2,000,000 Watt). Engine power plants from hardskill application diesel engine has a large variety in its development.

Gasoline engine

is Usually engine power generator that using gasoline fuel as a capacity low. Maximum capacity of power that was produced by these machines only 10 Kw (10,000 Watt). This Machine is also using 1 plug and 1-cylinder direction. This Machine can be brought to easily due to its portable.

Generator diesel fuel or solar power

generator type that one is often used in the house. Different with the standard equipment in general, type generator requires more energy. It is usually generator types are used in the commercial and placed with solar panel. In addition, power generator set this type is usually used in electronic equipment that requires power, such as air conditioner and heating water.

Generator Portable

generator type that one is type generator outdoor the most popular among the people. When camping or outdoor recreation activities, power generator is very suitable to be used for the form that is not too big and easy to carry anywhere.

Engine turbine

generator which uses machines turbine will produce a large capacity above 2MW (2,000,000 Watt). Even type generator that one is able to illuminate the small town.

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