How to engine power generator

June 26 2015

Machine power generator

When this is no longer generator in our lives, but how to engine power generator? Generator set or that are usually called generator is an equipment consists of the machine (engine) and generators /alternator. Generator is a spool which is made of copper that consists of a static strator (shuttle) and rotor (spool spins). While alternator is the title of generators to and fro cash (AC) . These machines will be able to change power mechanical into electrical energy. This Machine geothermal power plants using solar or gasoline fuel as. With a generator, mechanical energy was changed into electrical energy through the process electromagnetic induction. Previously generators have been mechanical energy from prime mover. Prime mover or driving is a working equipment to produce mechanical energy, which eventually mechanical energy was used to play rotor generator. To the engine power generator, generators installed one axis with motor

machine diesel generator. according to physics, the engine (engine) play rotor in a generator, this will generate magnetic field in spool generator. After this magnetic field will make rotor spinning which will then produce electricity.

Generator benefit others are power generator can be used as a machine to keep reserves electricity or off grid. Electricity When, the engine power generator will work for 10 seconds, and then 10 seconds next power generator has been able to produce electricity to be able to give life to the lamp or other electrical equipment. When engine power generator providing supply, generators will be bolstered by AVR (Automatic voltage regulator).

In AVR, there are MT (Mutual Reactor) that can produce electricity based on the amount cash burden that by it (in a series). MT (Mutual Reactor) is a transformer types of CT (Current Transformers). Electricity produced by was used to strengthen magnetic field in rotor. So for great burden, cash produced by also need.

For keeping the stability RPMs (Transparancy boxes Power momentum), not enough if it mengandalakan AVR alone. Thus generator system is also equipped with it for keeping the stability RPM so frequency round produced by remained stable when there is stress and when there was no burden. To make RPM stable, usually done with how to set up supply fuel on generator power generator.

When electricity is alive again, switch that is in power generator set automatically will shift from uninterruptible power generator to PLN and will take power generator in 5 seconds. Switch that will automatically be shifted from uninterruptible power generator to PLN is ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). That is the way engine power generator cut the electricity so that when there is, a lamp will be up without having to worry about disrupting.


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