Distributor of complete quality generator in Indonesia

PT Sariling Aneka Energi as the most comprehensive quality generator distributor in Indonesia Offices Our office is located at Block ED 25 Dasana Xentre Dasana Beautiful Tangerang, Banten – Indonesia. We are able to provide the needs of “Diesel Generating Set (Genset)” brand Cummins, Perkins, MTU, Sdec, Kubota, Lovol, Volvo Penta, Man, Yanmar and Mitsubishi. We only sell products with the quality and quality generators already is assured for consumer satisfaction. Best we can provide solutions to the needs of your generator. We provide genset from 8 KVA to 3300 KVA to suit your needs, each unit generator of Various Energy PT.Sariling warranty of 1 (one) year or 2000 hours of work.



We have product based on import


We give guarantee 1 years original


We give best service


We have sparepart and its original its perfect


Requested order products, all of genset, you can write from bottom to send your order.

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Not sure which solution fits you business needs?


I’ve been happy with the services provided by Sariling has been wonderful! He has returned my calls quickly, and he answered all my questions, and the product is perfect.

Sariling, help us treat every customer like royalty, 9/10 for the product.


We Are Professional

We are professional, Of course we gave something very’s assured and direct goods arrived as a cornerstone of our vision and mission

Honest And Dependable

You can trust us, we provide a fantastic service to you and provide the best service for your goods

Quality Commitment

Quality is part of our everyday routine; it is part of our culture, the way we work, and why we take pride in what we do. Our dedication to quality is reinforced by proven internal processes and procedures.

We Are Always Improving

We believe that people, software, and companies, are never perfect, therefore a key mindset for us is that we should be constantly improving.  We don’t ever want to find ourselves satisfied with the current state of affairs.


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